Welcome to Second Silk, Canada’s top destination for buying and selling high-quality, modern South Asian fashion.  

We are thrilled to introduce you to a platform that was born out of our own personal experience with buying and selling South Asian clothing.

How Second Silk was born...

At Second Silk, we understand the struggle of finding avenues to sell South Asian clothing in the Canadian market.  We are two sisters who experienced this challenge first-hand when we were easily able to sell our designer wedding gowns in the mainstream market, but were still holding on to our pristine bridal lehengas for years after our own wedding celebrations.  Further, with many social events and friend and family weddings to attend, we were constantly finding ourselves having to decide whether to rewear outfits multiple times over, or spend hundreds of dollars on yet another one-time-wear piece.  We decided that Canada needed a marketplace specifically dedicated to the vibrant world of South Asian fashion, where buyers and sellers can curate their closets with no boundaries.

Second Silk operates on four key-principles: affordability, sustainability, communication, and security.

Savvy and Stylish

Buy your next outfit direct from someone else’s closet to avoid paying retail prices.  Sell that “seen on your Instagram story” outfit to fund your next event look.

Sustainable and Smart

Your silks prefer hanging in closets, not sitting in landfills.  Second Silk contributes to the circular fashion industry – a regenerative system in which garments are circulated for as long as their value is retained.

Simple and Social

Chat with buyers and reviewed sellers in Canada through our messaging platform to negotiate a deal on an outfit that works for your event and your wallet.

Safe and Secure

Arrange for local pickup and payment, or complete your secure transaction through PayPal to be eligible for Paypal Buyer Protection.

Second Silk is currently limited to buyers and sellers in the Canadian market.  We believe this benefits all members of the community by

Join us on the Second Silk platform where fashion enthusiasts come together.  Explore the diversity of South Asian fashion while discovering new treasures and sharing your pre-loved pieces.


Happy buying and selling!


Fareen & Salina